The electric motor continues to rotate when operating upwards

Cause 1: The weight of the load and lifting tool exceeds the maximum lifting capacity of the arm.

  • Minska lasten.

Cause 2: The adjusting screw for the damping valve on the control valve is fully screwed in. 

  • Adjust the damping valve according to the adjustment instructions.

Cause 3: The pressure relief valve for the lifting pressure on the hydraulic unit has been disturbed and opens at too low pressure.

  • Pollution in the valve may have caused leakage.
  • Adjust pressure relief valve as instructed. If this does not help, the valve is cleaned or replaced with a new one.

Cause 4: The hydraulic pump is broken.

  • Replace the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic unit.

Cause 5: The return filter is clogged.

  • Replace the filter cartridge by removing the filter cover (remove the three screws).

Cause 6: The oil level in the oil tank is too low.

  • Fill with hydraulic oil. See the Technical Data chapter for suitable oil.

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