ERGOLIFT is a manually controlled, multi-axle lifting arm that is designed for quick, simple and exact materials handling. It is faster, safer and more flexible than a jib crane. Although the price is a fraction of an industrial robot, it is more flexible than the robot.

ERGOLIFT can be used for a range of tasks such as lifting workpieces into and out of machines, moving and turning large sheets of metal or glass, support when installing heavy parts and many other applications. ERGOLIFT is in use all over the world for applications that used to be solved using job cranes, trolleys or by hand.

Many Ergolifts are customized in order to create an optimal solution to each customer’s specific needs. Our long experience and large selection of gripper solutions mean that we can usually create a cost effective solution. Whatever your material handling problem, we can help you solve it.

Ergolift MA - Light and Quick

Ergolift MA series is a quick, light and efficient arm system. It is hydraulic powered and can be equipped with a range of gripping tools. Installed on a floor pillar or mounted from the ceiling or from a trolley. MA is simple to work with in the whole work area, but needs more ceiling clearance than MB. It can lift up to 260 kg including the weight of the gripping tool.

Ergolift MB - For eccentric loads and low ceilings

Ergolift MB series is a hydraulic powered arm system that can be easily customized. Low ceilings or obstacles aren’t a problem, and the MB can also handle higher eccentric loads that the MA. It can be fitted with one of our standard gripping tools, or with a tool that is specifically designed for the project.

Ergolift MB Heavy Duty- For really heavy jobs

Ergolift MB Heavy Duty is based on the Ergolift MB, but is designed for heavy loads, high bending moments and a high degree of customization. The lifting capacity is 450 kg and the bending moment at the tool interface is up to 5,000 Nm.

Ergobalancer BA - Always in Balance

Ergobalancer BA series is a pneumatically driven balance system. Featuring the same arm system as the hydraulic MA series, it lets you balance the load and let it “float” in the air. This is useful for assembly or for filling or emptying containers, so that the load shifts. BA can be equipped with all our standard gripping tools or with customized tools.

Ergobalancer BB - Balancing eccentric loads

Ergobalancer BB series is a pneumatic arm system that is easy to adapt to specific needs. It handles low ceilings and can take larger eccentric loads than the BA series. Pneumatic balancing allows for weightless management of work pieces. BB can ce equipped with any standard gripping tool or with custom developed tools, and lifts up to 240 kg.

Ergomove - Vertical lifting of heavy loads

Ergomove is a hydraulic, vertical lifting cylinder that can be equipped with gripping and handling tools. Ergomove is used for really heavy loads, up to 1100 kg including the tool. It is usually mounted on a trolley system which allows for XY movement. Can be equipped with standard or customized gripping and handling tools.


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