Ergolift MB Heavy Duty -
for seriously heavy jobs

For extra heavy loads of for large eccentric loads, the Ergolift is available in a heavy duty version. The basic design is the same as for the regular MB, with three horizontal and one vertical axis of rotation.

As usual the outer arm can be custom built, which makes it easy to adapt to special requirements. Of course you can reach far, like into an oven, with the MB Heavy Duty.

Please refer to the table below for reach, load and moment.

Technical information


  • Endless rotation around theta axis
  • EX-classed motor for the hydraulic system, for explosion sensitive areas
Rotation of arm around pillar , theta axis 330o
Rotation around tool attachent, alpha axis 330o
Compressed air supply 6-10 bar (87-145 psi)
Power supply 230/400V, 50/60 Hz
TypMax lifting capacity kgMax eccentric load, NmR, mmZ, mm
MB450SP7005000Depends on the application

Eccentric loads

Ergolift is designed to manage loads where the center of gravity is off center. The load can therefore be held and moved some way away from the tool attachment (see image).

Since the Ergolift can reach into and under structures, it can be used for many applications that are too difficult for regular lifting tools, such as handling work pieces in

  • Presses
  • Milling machines
  • Lathes
  • Ovens
  • Paint boxes
  • Conveyor systems

An operator with an Ergolift can manipulate and balance large loads such as doors, wall elements, axles, pipes etc that used to take at least two people. PLUS he does it faster and safer than before.


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Ergolift is a brand of Skoogs Maskin & Svets AB