Ergolift MA


The ERGOLIFT MA lets you handle medium and light loads easily, quickly and safely. The operator doesn’t need to lift, hold, rotate or tilt a workpiece by himself, but gets help to do it quickly and precisely.

Together with a suitable gripping tool, ERGOLIFT is a flexible and economical solution to your manipulating problems.

ERGOLIFT MA is a hydraulically powered, manually controlled lifting arm. The lifting speed can be continuously regulated with a simple hand control, and the workpiece turned around any number of axles depending on the gripping tool. If the operator lets go of the control, ERGOLIFT will stop and hold the workpiece in the same position.

Like other ERGOLIFT products, MA can be mounted on a floor pillar, hanging from a fixed ceiling position or from a trolley system.


he illustration on the right shows how the Ergolift MA manipulator works. It is usually mounted on a floor pillar and can be rotated manually around the pillar (theta axis). The controls and the gripper are integrated as one unit, which can be manually moved horizontally (x axis) or hydraulically lifted (z axis).

All gripping tools can be rotated around their attachment (alpha axis). The drive is a silent hydraulic system powered by a three phase motor. The vertical movement is powered both upwards and downwards. In case of power failure, a broken oil tube or any other breakdown the load is locked in place by a safety valve. The arm system is a four bar mechanism with low friction, which always holds the tool attachment horizontal regardless of the arm position.

Controlling it is easy. You use either a thumb wheel, up/down buttons or our classic lifting handle. The lifting handle allows the operator to set the lifting speed continuously, if the handle is released it returns to neutral immediately and the machine stops in position.

Technical information


  • Endless rotation around theta axis
  • EX-classed motor for the hydraulic system, for explosion sensitive areas
Rotation of arm around pillar , theta axis 330o
Rotation around tool attachent, alpha axis 330o
Compressed air supply 6-10 bar (87-145 psi)
Power supply 230/400V, 50/60 Hz

Load and reach

Type Max lifting - capacity kg Max eccentric load, Nm R, mm Z, mm
MA60 60 200 2705 1900
MA80 80 250 2195 1500
MA75 75 300 3005 2150
MA75E 75 300 3490 2150
MA110 110 500 2195 2150
MA110E 110 500 2680 2150
MA110SE 110 500 3180 1500
MA150 150 800 3005 2150
MA150E 150 800 3490 2150
MA150SE 150 800 3990 2150
MA200 200 800 2380 1650
MA200E 200 800 2865 1650
MA200SE 200 800 3365 1650
MA260 260 800 1880 1250
MA260E 260 800 2365 1250
MA260SE 260 800 2765 1250


Phone: 0589-855 90


Address: Box 192, Köpingsvägen 18, 732 24 ARBOGA

Ergolift is a brand of Skoogs Maskin & Svets AB