Ergobalancer BB


Ergobalancer Bb series is a pneumatically driven balancing system. It lets your load “float” in the air so that with minimal force, you can lift, turn, rotate and place it quickly and exactly. It is so simple and logical to work with, that anyone can learn to do it within minutes.

BA has the same arm system as the hydraulic MB series and can be fitted with all our standard gripping tools. It handles eccentric loads easily, which is useful if you want to reach into or under something. Installation either on a floor pillar or hanging from the ceiling or a trolley system.


An automatic brake stops the arm from moving out of control if the load is dropped or handled wrong, or if there is a machine breakdown. Safety valves hold the arm and the load in place in case of power failure or pipe leakage.


Manual balancing means that you set the work piece weight manually, and Ergobalancer then keeps balancing that weight. This works well for example for installation, where you might want to handle a heavy work piece very exactly by hand.


Automatic balancing means that Ergobalancer feels the weight continuously, and compensates for it. Automatic balancing is most helpful if the weight changes, for example when filling or emptying a vessel.

Technical informaton


  • Endless rotation around theta axis
  • EX-classed motor for the hydraulic system, for explosion sensitive areas
Rotation of arm around pillar , theta axis 330o
Rotation around tool attachent, alpha axis 330o
Compressed air supply 6-10 bar (87-145 psi)
Power supply 230/400V, 50/60 Hz
Typ Max lifting capacity kg Max eccentric load, Nm R, mm Z, mm
BB60 60 800 2800 1600
BB90 90 800 2800 1600
BB150 150 800 2800 1600
BB240 240 1600 2800 1600

Eccentric loads

Ergolift is designed to manage loads where the center of gravity is off center. The load can therefore be held and moved some way away from the tool attachment (see image).

Since the Ergolift can reach into and under structures, it can be used for many applications that are too difficult for regular lifting tools, such as handling work pieces in

  • Presses
  • Milling machines
  • Lathes
  • Ovens
  • Paint boxes
  • Conveyor systems

An operator with an Ergolift can manipulate and balance large loads such as doors, wall elements, axles, pipes etc that used to take at least two people. PLUS he does it faster and safer than before.


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Ergolift is a brand of Skoogs Maskin & Svets AB