Lift and empty barrels in a clean room

The mission

  •  Lift and move barrels with chemicals or pills and empty them into funnels for mixers and packaging.
  • Empty the content gradually with full control of the operator. 
  • The barrel must be gripped tightly enough to not be dropped, but gently enough to not be crushed. 
  •  It should not be possible to release the barrel when it´s suspended
  • The machine should be used in a clean room setting.

Requirements for the manipulator

  •  Maximum payload about 100 kg
  • The barrel must be kept motionless when being emptied.
  • Emptying can be controlled smoothly
  • Soft but secure grip of the barrel
  • Safety function to not be able to drop the barrel in the air.
  • Fully encapsulated, smooth mechanism so that no dust can get stuck in gaps. 
  • Should withstand cleaning with hot lye.

Solution: MB150SP


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