A new balancer from Ergolift


  • For weightless work
  • Quick and adaptive
  • Prevents fatigue and strain injury
  • Large selection of grippers and fixtures
  • Made in Sweden

Real life cases

For foundries

Ergolift® MB

Ergolift® MB/BB has an arm system that is flexible both horizontally and vertically. The operator doesn’t need to lift, hold, rotate or tilt a workpiece by himself, but gets help to do it quickly and precisely.

With tilt and rotate

Ergolift® MB heavy duty

For extra heavy loads of for large off center loads, Ergolift® is available in an extra powerful version. The basic design is the same as for the regular MB, with three horizontal and one vertical axis of rotation.

Supporting assembly work

Ergolift® BA

Optionally, you can choose a balancing feature which lets you hold the workpiece and move it without using any controls. Perfect for assembly work!

For CNC lathe

Ergolift® BB

Unique to Ergolift® is the ability to hold a load as with your arm outstretched. The operator can work in a covered space such as a lathe or an oven. Ideal for lifting parts or tooling in and out of CNC machines.

With vacuum tool

Ergolift® BA

We have a lot of experience of using vacuum cups to hold various loads. Do challenge us!